I see your natural charms, your grace, your boldness, your sheer fabulousness. I see your ability, your passion. But I also see you downplaying all that good shit. Covering yourself up, hiding your body. Putting it into storage. Packing up your physical confidence into a neat little box labelled ‘ARCHIVE’ and letting it gather dust in your closet. Choosing demure over daring. Sensible over sensual. And to that I say:

I see what you’ve got going on.

I see you.

Hell No!

I say take it off. I say show some skin. I say love every square inch of yourself and revel in every delicious curve. Your body is a goddamn beacon of delight and strength; it is living, breathing proof of what a badass you really are. 

I see you.
And you’re sexy AF.

I see you. And you’re sexy AF.

 It tends to have a kinda dusty reputation for being “a little treat for your man”. Historically, you go in, strip down, pose provocatively in something sheer, have the photographer Photoshop you into a sexy backdrop (the weirdest one I’ve seen was a gas station, now there’s a location you wouldn’t necessarily have sex dreams about) and BOOM. One naughty set of photos to present your man with on Valentine’s Day or some basic shit. 

Boudoir photography can mean different things to different people.

are you cringing over there yet?

So yeah, I don’t do that.

bold, brave images that are going to make you fall deeply in love with yourself. 

I DO use Photoshop, if you’re happy for me to. I use it to smooth the odd bump and get rid of temporary things like pimples or blemishes, but I never go crazy with it. I prefer to keep things as natural as possible with chilled-out, beautiful interior backdrops that complement your personality. 

You can wear whatever you like, be that a cute chunky knit with lace panties or absolutely nothing at all. My work is altogether more relaxed, more intimate, and more fun than any boudoir photography you’ve seen before. Ultimately, we’re aiming for bold, brave images that are going to make you fall deeply in love with yourself. 
The sessions are about one thing and one thing only: 


seriously who else would they be about?

hell yes, show me more!

most amazing experience ever!

~ Ashley M.

"Jill is not only artistically talented, professional, and creative- she is also an amazing human, who you will immediately want to be best friends with. I felt so comfortable during the whole experience, like I was at my best friends home. I have never felt so empowered in my entire life. I felt stunningly beautiful, powerful, confident, and certain. Jill showed me some of the shots as she took them and I kept saying. “Who is that!?” And Jill was at the ready with YOU! "

I have always struggled with self confidence issues, this was definitely a positive. 

Which, y’know, comes in handy with my line of work. The most heart-breaking thing I see on a weekly basis is women who have lost their confidence*. It’s my job and absolute joy to help them find that spirit, throw a lasso around it, and ride it off into the sunset. Name me a more glorious occupation. I’ll wait. 

hey, I’m Jillian

a Maryland girl whose superpower is making everyone I meet feel very (perhaps weirdly) comfortable around me.

It’s not lost.
It’s just hiding.

get to know jillian

*spoiler alert *


Check out my goddesses and warriors at work in my portfolio. 

I hear many boudoir photographers describe their clients as “goddesses”, and I like that. A goddess is a hella cool thing to be. But you know what’s cooler than being a goddess? A WARRIOR. During my shoots, I like to invite your inner warrior to come out and play. She's way more fun and can really knock back those shots of Patrón…

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my latest adventures

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Every beautiful last inch of yourself!

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