You’re looking for a woman who gets women. Who knows that your boudoir shoot needs to be about empowerment, confidence and unlocking something that’s been lying dormant for some time. 

For women who boldly go

My passion is helping you find yours. 

Hell, you’re not even the kinda person who would usually even consider a half-naked photoshoot, but there’s something about the idea that ignites a little spark in you. That makes you curious. I’d be delighted to help you fan that spark into a flame. 

I help women find their truth through sensual imagery that both empowers and emboldens. 

I met and married my husband a full decade after we stopped dating at college. We even managed to marry other people during that decade before being pulled back together. Fate and Facebook intervened, and poof! New husband, new baby, new outlook. If that doesn’t make you believe in destiny, not much will. So when I say I’m a proud, card-carrying, dynamic feminist with the goods to back it up, don’t assume I’m not also a bit of a romantic.

Having spent many years helping couples feel special on their wedding days, 

You can be both…and I am. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as sentimental as the next girl.

My slightly gooey edge means that while my boudoir sessions are all about feeling confident, they’re about feeling comfortable too. My aim is never to push you outside of your comfort zone, only to help you find a new happy space in which to be your true self. That feeling of being uninhibited and “set loose” is such a powerful experience. 

It’s intoxicating stuff, lemme tell you. 

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None of that mattered

- Nicole A. 

As someone who doesn’t wear makeup except for lipstick, I left the look entirely up to Amanda who created the perfect sexy, warm style around my favorite lipstick shade. Not only did she work wonders with my hair and skin (I never once felt like I was wearing makeup), but she was grounded and super cool to talk to. Jill was my wedding photographer, so I already knew her badass photography skills (to quote my bestie after I shared my teaser photos – SHE’S A FREAKING GENIUS!) and her huge heart. Let’s pause on that for a second. Jill is warm and comforting and sensitive and fun and down-to-earth, and because of all that, you will never feel barely dressed.

I’m an awkward, goofy, 30-pounds overweight, 45-year-old woman who doesn’t know her left from her right, and you know what?

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I’d most like to be stranded on a desert island with


my sexy husband!

If we’re at a bar, I am drinking


all the margaritas - on ice

They’re making a movie about my life (naturally). The role of me is played by


Kate Winslet

 I can have perfect hair or fantastic sex for the rest of my life. Not both. I choose


fantastic sex