Everyone in your portfolio looks amazing. I don’t look like that. So…there’s no point in me doing this, right?
WRONG. Oh my dear sweet friend, you WILL look this good. You will look (and feel) like you on your very, very best day. Put it this way: most of the women you can see in my portfolio felt exactly the same when they first approached me. Now look at ‘em! 

And is this a skinny girl thing?
Ew no! Not at all. In fact, if you’re feeling sensitive about your dress size then this is the perfect experience for you. We believe in beauty at every shape and size. 

I hear you! So where are you?
We are an all-female studio in North East MD. We sometimes shoot on location and will travel for a small fee. 

This looks amazing but expensive. Is it?
Look, if you’re searching for boudoir photography on the cheap, this ain’t the place for you. This is a luxury service – make no mistake – and I charge accordingly. My session fees start at $500 and my collections start at $1,995, this is standard for level of awesome. You’re paying for a consummate professional with an incredible creative eye who also happens to be a total badass feminist to make you feel amazing and then commit it to stunning, perfectly lit photographic imagery. To be perfectly frank, this kinda thing just isn’t cheap. 

How long until I can see my images?
We love a same-day reveal. We shoot, you get an hour-long break to go do whatever you need to do, then come back to the studio to go over your images. It's an entire day's experience and it rocks. 

Will you show my photos on the internet?
Good LORD no! Absolutely not. If you're happy to be featured on our website and socials, then fab. But if not, we have strict security in place to ensure your private photos remain private. 

I LOVE Cardi B and that big booty life. Make me look like that?
Sigh. This is a tough one. Look, we do use Photoshop, but sparingly. We are all about body empowerment and convincing you that you are absolutely perfect as is, so digitally plumping up your lips or ass just isn’t really our thing. Cardi B is a babe but so are you! This session is all about you and your self-image, so ultimately we’ll work with you to come up with something you love. 

If you would like intensive retouching, we can do so for a small extra charge.

Can I bring someone? 
Sorry but you have to go this one alone. You won’t need anyone, promise. This is the safest space imaginable.